About Dr. Daehler

Maria L. Daehler, MD is a board certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist. She’s a family-centered psychiatrist who enjoys working with all ages, both individually and with couples and families. Because she believes people’s own minds are their best agents for healing and growth, she specializes in psychotherapy and finds it a privilege collaborating with patients around the challenges they bring to therapy.

Dr. Daehler will work with you to identify the problems you are living with, the goals you desire and the best approach for addressing these issues. Her assessment will include reviewing biological, environmental, psychological, developmental and spiritual contributors.

Her nine years of training at UCSF Medical Center have given her a strong medical base for understanding physical issues and their role in mental health, and in assessing the need for medications. She finds it is often helpful to identify one’s past experiences and current situations as a way to bring clarity to a person’s own uniqueness. She values helping parents learn what is needed to be more effectively present for their children and how to reshape their environment to successfully support their children’s growth and development. This can be particularly true for children and adolescents who are struggling in school or with their family. It is also useful for adults who find stress in their jobs or relationships.

Dr. Daehler uses her child and adolescent training in developmental issues to meet patients at the place most comfortable for them to express themselves. This may include play therapy, sand tray work, art therapy, dream analysis and talk therapy. She has done additional training in loss, divorce, grief recovery, and forgiveness. Her dog, Jetta, attends some sessions.

In addition to psychiatry, Maria finds great joy and challenge in being a parent and family member. She plays saxophone and finds peace in the beauty of nature.

CV and professional organizations available upon request.